The Essential Booklet by Scott Hooks

Scott Pauley

The Essential Booklet by Scott Hooks

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These are difficult times. Our world is filled with hatred, violence, and disease. Day after day the headlines of web pages and printed pages repeat the same sad story. Year after year we are told to place our hope in political candidates, educational systems, social and economic policies, and more; but nothing seems to be getting better. As the Bible declares, things are getting worse.

Where do we look to find the answers we need? They can be found only in the Lord Jesus Christ and in His Word, the Bible. The message all people need to hear and to heed is the message of the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ. The place where one can hear the truth proclaimed is the church. Take a moment of your time to consider what is truly essential.

This 20-page gospel booklet is a wonderful tool to aid in bringing the reader face-to-face with the realities of that which is truly essential in our crumbling world. Churches are using these tools in door-to-door gospel efforts, are finding these booklets helpful in mobilizing the members to engage their neighborhoods, and are mailing these booklets to entire zip codes.