Raymund Lull: First Missionary to the Muslims


Those who are followers of the Lamb possess a treasured heritage. We are privileged to be walking in the footsteps of faithful men and women who have gone before. The lives of those faithful prove to encourage us and spur us on in our journey of faith as we seek to be obedient to our Shepherd Who leads us along the path which He has chosen for us.

The life of Raymund Lull will challenge you. In these pages, you will meet a man who did with what he had. He was certainly an imperfect man, but he lived a life of faith and obeyed the light God gave him. As you read the challenging story of this man of faith, you will become acquainted with one who yielded his life to the Lord as best he knew how. Only eternity will tell the measure in which God has used the testimony of this giant of the faith to inspire hundreds of others to lovingly and passionately engage the sons of Ishmael with the claims of Christ.

May the account of the life Raymond Lull ignite a passionate fire in the heart of the reader for a renewed obedience to our Savior—even unto death.

Originally published in 1902, this 143-page, hardback book is an exact reprint of Samuel Zwemer’s biography of Raymond Lull, the first known missionary to a Muslim people group.

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Zwemer, Samuel M. (1867–1952), nicknamed The Apostle to Islam, was an American missionary, traveler, and scholar. he was a missionary in Basrah, Bahrain, and at other locations in Arabia from 1891 to 1905. He was a member of the Arabian Mission (1890–1913). Zwemer also served in Egypt from 1913 to 1929 and traveled widely in Asia Minor. According to Ruth A. Tucker, Ph.D., states that Samuel Zwemer’s converts were, “probably less than a dozen during his nearly forty years of service” and his “greatest contribution to missions was that of stirring Christians to the need for evangelism among Muslims”.



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