Missionary Tales from Muslim Lands


The stories found in these pages are stories of some who attempted great things for God in a difficult part of the world and acted on what they knew to be true. May these stories inspire all who read to greater heights and to bolder obedience to the Captain of our faith.

As believers, we have the great privilege to follow in “the heritage of the servants of the Lord.” Stories of the lives of men and women with great faith in God, who were willing to obey Him to the death, who were courageous in the face of danger give birth to new dreams in the minds of those who hear of their obedience.

As we look into the lives of people of faith, we have the opportunity to learn both good and bad. Although these were not perfect people, and we may neither completely understand nor completely agree with everything they believed or did, these were people who yielded their lives in obedience to the Lord as best they knew how and God used them in a mighty way.

It is our prayer that an unquenchable fire will be lit in young hearts to reach Muslims with the Good News of Jesus Christ after reading these stories.

Originally published in 1922 as the Book of Missionary Heroes written by Basil Mathews, 128-page, hardback book is an exact reprint of challenging missionary stories from the Islamic world.

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Mathews, Basil Joseph (1879–1951) was a Scottish writer of great missionary stories and movements to further the Gospel in the regions beyond. He is credited with 261 works in 1,193 publications in 5 languages and 10,032 library holdings.



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