The acronym H.O.P.E. stands for Helping Others Put off Entanglements. This program began as a desire to see people set free from the “entanglements” that can destroy lives. The word “entangled” in the Bible conveys the idea of being trapped, and many people today seem to live in that condition.  Addictions are very powerful. Some of these very things may have cost you greatly, and you are ready to be free. You may have tried other support groups or programs without success. You will discover that the power to “beat the odds” does not lie within yourself. Many of these programs are “self-­help” programs. You may have already discovered that you cannot help yourself, but if you will listen, learn, and receive the truths upon which this program is built, you WILL find true freedom. With great excitement, we invite you to discover what millions of people have already learned, that “Knowing Christ Makes You Free!”


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